International Women’s Day

Hello, it’s been a while but I’m back with something great to share with you all…amazing music. On this International Women’s Day, I’ve curated a playlist with some of the dopest and most powerful women in the music game at the moment. I’m sure you’ve all noticed a large presence of women in music lately, with features from SZA, Jorja Smith and Kali Uchis in some of the most listened to songs and albums this year. We’ve heard great music from Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj in the past but I’d like to believe they’re passing down the torch to a new wave of female singers/songwriters and rappers. Here are some of my favorite…

Share this playlist with your girls today and let’s celebrate amazing/inspiring women! Enjoy!


#PassTheAux Interview w/ @OnlyyyJAYY

In this episode of #PassTheAux, I sat down with Jayy (@OnlyyyJAYY) to talk about his album ‘Casanova‘. The winter project drops December 18th and is sure to get you in your feels. He describes his album as his best solo work and includes a lot of new sounds in comparison to his last projects. The seven-song project will be sure to take you through an emotional rollercoaster, ultimately making you feel like a “Jefe”. Make sure to download or stream ‘Casanova‘ beginning December 18th on all streaming platforms and make sure to follow him for all of his latest updates. Enjoy the very first episode of #PassTheAuxx.




BANG, Trade Voorhees‘s newest single off of his 4th album titled “Saturday 4”, features Vegas’s golden girl, Zelly Vibes. She’s also the only artist featured on his album which is extremely special since Voorhees’s albums usually have a lot of features. This was one of the very few female/male collaborations I’ve seen from the city and couldn’t resist writing about it. I love hearing female voices on hooks and wished more artists would do this but leave it up to Voorhees’s incredible creativity to execute such a task. I just knew this song was going to be dope once I heard the preview they posted on twitter.

Voorhees’s album dropped on October 14th, and as always, has been well received and lived up to everyone’s expectations. I’d also like to add a little kudos to his wife Amy Voorhees for producing two of the songs off his album. Females are taking over the scene and I LOVE it! Expect Voorhees’s ‘Saturday 4’ to come alive through his signature boom-bap sound and horror movie samples. The song ‘BANG’ perfectly combines Voorhees’s dark, twisted energy and Zelly’s  boss b**** attitude. In addition, Zelly dropped her EP titled ‘Vibrations’ this month. The 6 track EP takes you on a journey of love, finding happiness, and overall positive vibes which we can always count on from Zelly’s music.

Check out the music video for ‘BANG’ filmed by Shakyamuni Films below.

Also listen to ‘Saturday 4’ by Trade Voorhees and ‘Vibrations’ by Zelly Vibes attached below.


The ‘Lemonade’ Official Music Video

DemarcoTheMan did it again. He put together one of the best and most inovative visuals I’ve seen thus far. The ‘Lemonade’ music video dropped September 22nd and has over 200 views on YouTube.  The quality of this video is almost unseen at a local level, which proves (once again) DemarcoTheMan deserves so much more recognition than he receives. He’s raised the creativity bar so high, even other artist around Las Vegas are saying this is not just a regular video and we cannot continue to ignore great work such as DemarcoTheMan’s.  The ‘Lemonade’ video breaks down each song lyric which is about a guy trying to conquer the heart of a social media obsessed girl with trust issues due to her past relationships. DemarcoTheMan’s lyrics encapsulate most relationships in 2017.

I just love how effortlessly the images melt into the other and how it is so in-sync with each lyric. The Brooklyn artist, Richard A. Chance, is responsible for the animation and should also get a lot of credit. His style of animation is so crisp which features all of his original drawings. He also animates them himself. He’s influenced by 80’s airbrushed illustrations and artists such as David Jein, Syd Brak and Kanye West. Richard began illustrating people he saw on the train before he attended the NYC College of Technology. He’s currently working on an “online narrative gif comic thing” so make sure to keep up with his work at  His only message is “save your local cat”.

I can’t stop watching this video, I hope you all love it as much as I do. I will continue to update you all on DemarcoTheMan’s newest stuff. Enjoy.



Demario Barnes, also known as “Rio”, is Vegas’s new kid on the block. The eighteen year old released his first song on SoundCloud a little over a month ago and has already reached over 16,000 plays overall. He moved to Las Vegas from Jamaica when he was nine and always took interest in music. At a young age, Rio began to listen to Lil Wayne, whom he says is his biggest influence. He also listens to artists like Travis Scott, Drake, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti and Cheef Keef. I was curious to see what SoundCloud would pair him with so I used his song “Left Side” to create a station on the App. The first three artists that came up in relation to his song were Offset, Dave East, and Playboi Carti. Rio says he’s in the midst of filming a music video for “Left Side” and to be on the look out for his debut performance which is to be announced.

The guy is super talented. His songs are catchy and the type to get stuck in your head. You can find him on IG and Twitter @Demario1k and his music on SoundCloud and Spinrilla.


Behind the music: #WeAreBeautiful by DemarcoTheMan

#WeAreBeautiful, DemarcoTheMan’s newest project, has been dropped a few weeks earlier than expected and it is amazing. After listening to it a few times, I was left with some questions. Most projects are pretty straight forward and easy to follow, but with DemarcoTheMan’s complexity, I knew there was more than what met the ear. #WeAreBeautiful is a story from the perspective of a family of 5, all people that have different stories and experiences in life. DemarcoTheMan will explain…

Q: What inspired you to create #WeAreBeautiful? 

A: This project connects directly to my childhood. My childhood was a time where I witnessed experiences of myself and others. Now that I’m older, I look back on those experiences whether they were good or bad, and concluded based on what more than most people tend to do when they’re lost and looking for answers.

Q: What does #WeAreBeautiful mean to you?

A: What I’ve realized is that most people including myself, tend to look for answers and acceptance in other things or people. This could be sports, hobbies, drugs, and crime. Rather than looking at ourselves in bad situations, we look at other things hoping for answers. We don’t value ourselves and our potential as much as we should, and that’s something I’ve realized as time goes on. So, that’s why I believe that we are all beautiful if we put in the effort to look at ourselves and our reflections rather than judging the next person.

Q: Why are the songs names after people? Who are they and why are they important?

A: These songs aren’t the actual names of the people I talk about in each song. But they are all real people. If you listen to the story, I’m speaking from the perspective of a family of 5. I feel like whoever is listening to this project will be able to relate to someone in that family whether it’s Darrell, the dad, Isiah, the oldest brother, Michael, the youngest brother, Thomas, Darrell’s dad, or Rakeem, Darrell’s brother. They are all speaking from the perspective of feeling unloved and that’s something we’ve all experienced if not still experiencing. These are all people that not only I know, but people that the listeners know as well. Each of these family members have their own stories but are constantly judged and misunderstood. They’re judged by family, friends, and the system they live in. But, at the end of the day, they’re all human and perform their actions for a reason. For example, in “Killa Man,” I tell the story of how Isiah end’s up killing his uncle during a drug deal. He didn’t know that was his uncle though because it happened so fast and it was dark outside. He still didn’t know that was his uncle after the fact. But when he goes to that court room or that jail cell, those officers will see him as a criminal. Society will see him as criminal. His family will see him as a criminal. More than most people will neglect the fact that he was oppressed, that him being unloved chained to this event, and how this negative journey got the best of him which led to incarceration. He was highly influenced by his surroundings and home life. But, the people from the outside looking in won’t acknowledge that and that’s the sad reality about this story. That situation doesn’t only apply to Isiah though. It also applies to Darrell, Michael, Rakeem, and Thomas. They were all unloved and misunderstood.

Q: Will there be music videos?

A: As of now I can’t answer that. But, apart from the project, there is visually something on the way for one of the singles I’ve released before this project. I can’t wait to present this video to people because they love the song itself.

Q: What message would you like listeners to get from your music?

A: The overall message I hope people receive in my music is to be yourself and love yourself. You don’t have to settle at society’s standards for being yourself or being creative. It may be a much tougher road to success being yourself and staying true to your art, but it’ll pay off in the end. My legs are still in the mud and I’m currently trying to break free from this marginalization with my music. So, my message is something that not only I’m trying to get across to myself, but to others as well.

Q: Anything you’s like to add? Any shout-outs/ thank yous/ credits?

A: I must first off thank Gambi for producing these wonderful tracks. He’s an amazing producer. I must thank Richie Bux for hopping on the Killa Man Remix. He killed it. I must thank you for letting me put my voice on your platform. And lastly, I must thank most importantly the people that listen to my music. After making 4 projects, I’ve contemplated quitting music multiple times do to the fact that I felt unheard, but I’m realizing that there are people that love my music so I have no reason to stop. My biggest thanks go to my fans and the people that support me.

Q: What’s next for DemarcoTheMan? 

A: More music is always next for me. I will continue to push out creative content. Who knows, I might just wake up and decide to do another project. “We Are Beautiful” was something I decided to start working on at 8 in the morning with a hangover. I’m unpredictable so honestly, I can’t give an accurate description of what’s next for me. But, I can guarantee that I will continue to release music and visuals.

Listen to #WeAreBeautiful below.



Enjoy this dope music video for  POWMINDSET’S newest single “Greenhouse”. POWMINDSET is a lyrical duo comprised of Nick Crucial and Nate Quest, whom are incredibly accomplished individual artists. This video is unlike any other video I’ve seen, combining colors, cartoons, and patterns that go perfectly with the smooth ‘play on word’ vibes.

You can find all of their music on every streaming platform, just search POWMINDSET. Enjoy.


Killa Man.

DemarcoTheMan is an artists I’ve been extremely excited to talk about on here. He is highly slept on, and not just on a local level. DemarcoTheMan is a true storyteller, the type to have you rewinding the song if you missed a small portion of the story. You have to listen closely, as every lyric plays a key role in painting a vivid image. This song “Killa Man” is single off of his upcoming project titled “We Are Beautiful”.  It starts off with inter-city ambience and it almost gives me the feel of someone sitting on a porch telling life stories. It rides into a melodic hook which keeps the energy on a very smooth level. The lyrics ultimately end at about 3 mintues and 40 seconds. The song is taken over by an incredibly heartfelt trumpet solo which is almost unheard of in hip-hop but works incredibly well with this song. DemarcoTheMan is truly innovative and someone to keep a very close eye on. I’ve kept close contact with him for the past couple of months thus having some exclusive information on his upcoming project. We will be dropping his track list and artwork for “We Are Beautiful” next week. For now, enjoy “Killa Man” by the magical, DemarcoTheMan.

Follow him on Twitter at @DemarcoTheMan

and on SoundCloud at DemarcoTheMan.


AuxCordShawty Exlusive

Soooo it looks like I’ve got some heat for you guys this week. I’m dropping an exclusive song by Vegas artist, Siah. He only has 9 songs out on SoundCloud but I’m telling you he is worth the listen. I’m dropping his remix to Playboi Carti’s, Magnolia, and it is sooo wavy. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it! The song in itself is already dope but I think Carti would be impressed with this…the dude has a really nice flow. All you Vegas rappers need to watch out for Siah, he is on the come up. He also has some dope stuff cooking up which will be out very soon but for now, we’re going give you this new new titled Nirvana. Make sure to follow him on Twitter and SoundCloud. Enjoy the AuxCordShawty Exclusive.


AuxCordShawty Exclusive

I’m honored to share some exclusive music with you all. It’s been a goal of mine since I started my website to get exclusive tracks from artists and I finally got some heat for you guys. I’ve worked closely and diligently with both of these extremely talented guys. Mac Nealy and on3trackmind teamed up to create a second track. They dropped a song last week titled “loose change” which completely took things to another level. The combination of on3trackmind’s New York-inspired beats and Mac’s versatility made for an ode to Jay-Z’s “What More Can I Say?” Today, I have a similar “New York” style song for your ears. Mac went off through out the song take a listen for yourself…

While you’re at it, follow my SoundCloud for future exclusive tracks.


City Never Sleeps

In today’s saturated hip-hop scene, it’s easy to overlook some amazing work. I think we can all appreciate a well thought out project. I can definitely tell when an artist put time, money, and work into their projects just as easy as I can tell when an artist records their songs on a cheap mic in their room. In Las Vegas there is a mixture of both types of artist, but lately I’ve noticed a lot more well-thought-out projects and it makes me such a proud music enthusiast.

If you follow me on twitter, you know I’ve been pretty active lately. You might have also noticed this tweet…

After listening to MOOSE’s (@MOOSEthecoolest) “City Never Sleeps” EP, I totally ate my words. This project was a perfect example of Vegas’s raw talent. I can really appreciate this project because I can HEAR the quality behind it. The project was released today but we definitely got a glimpse of the album through the single he released about a month ago, titled City Never Sleeps. MOOSE released the single from the EP in the form of a music video which I mentioned in my #TrendingInVegas. Even the rollout was clearly thought out, which from a creative perspective is really appreciated.

Las Vegas is the clear theme throughout the EP and it surely feels very Vegas. Not only does he talk about the “grimey” side of the city that never sleeps, he talks about the fame and flashiness. Thank you for embodying everything that is Las Vegas. In addition to all of that, can we talk about the FEATURES?! Wowwww. He had Trade Voorhees, G. Reed, Blair Norf, J.R. Aquino, Marion Write, Pyramid Ron, and Dj Finyl, all whom which are very well known artists out of 702. My favorite song on the EP has to be “Vegas Is A Mfka” and I wish could give Trade Voorhees a medal for that verse on it. HE RAPPED AN ACROSTIC POEM OF HIS NAME. That dude is soooo cold for that. But anyways, enough about the what I thought about it, take a listen for yourself…. Enjoy “City Never Sleeps”.


A Friday Vibe

In the midst of all the new music coming out this week, I decided to put together some of my favorites. This playlist includes new music from Future, NAV, Big Sean, Kodak Black, Calvin Harris, Migos, Frank Ocean, 6LACK and many others. Make sure to like my playlist on Apple Music and share a Friday Vibe with your friends. Enjoy.


#LoveVegas Vol. 7

People have been asking for me to post more playlists so I decided to make another #LoveVegas playlist. It’s been almost 2 months since my last one so I definitely have some dope new music/artists to share with you. I’ve posted some of the artists in this playlist before but they came out with some hot projects within the last month so I wanted to share some of my favorites. I’ve also been on the hunt for some more female artists and I found two extremely talented females, I’m excited for you guys to hear them! If you know of any others, let me know. For now, enjoy #LoveVegas Vol. 7 featuring Slap, Mac Nealy, on3trackmind, Wicked, Kazzy Chase, Jacquez, PartyHari, KiariTheStone, EQNX, RichieBux, and Dialate.


Music Video Appreciation

As I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline the other day, I noticed there are a lot of talented videographers in Las Vegas that are not getting enough appreciation. Most of the great artists in Las Vegas have music videos, so it’s perfect to showcase both artists and videographers in one post. This is not limited to the other great videographers in Vegas, I’m only focusing on music videos today. I’m amazed at the fact that all of these guys are just your normal dudes with an amazing attention to detail and an eye for editing. What I also love about this is that you can see how each video is unique to their directors and how complex some of the ideas are. I’ll be linking their personal websites/twitters so you can get in touch with them (I highly encourage this).


A Good Break

CMDelux Films

Shakyamuni Films


Creating Paradi$e

Jorge Ayala 





Now that I have your attention…..

I’d like to present to you all a project that I believe might break the internet. A good friend of mine and I have worked collaboratively to create a visual/audio experience that is unique in many ways. Although this is an homage to nude photos, there’s an underlying message which is “be careful who you trust”. With this day and age, we’ve seen way too many females getting exposed for sending intimate pictures to the wrong person. Just be more careful ladies (fellas too).

Mac Nealy’s EP titled, Nudes, released on January 30th, but today I’m launching the official website. There are 5 tracks with many references to pop-culture and Las Vegas culture that you can’t miss. BUT even if you don’t get the references, that won’t change how good the songs are. Make sure you listen to the whole project, the last song will make you understand the whole concept. I’ve legit listened to the entire project (front to back) atleast 50 times. I can turn up, simp, and even laugh to this EP which is probably why I like it so much. It’s different, catchy, and overall a cohesive project from start to finish. Oh, and he produced, wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the entire project. Don’t let his humility fool you, this man is a genius. Mac Nealy really outdid himself with this one.

Click for Nudes.



2017: The Year of R&B

I wanted to start this post off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Although for some, 2016 wasn’t that great, I feel like a lot more people had an amazing year. On that note, 2016 was definitely a great year for mainstream music; having almost every great artist release great projects (including Frank Ocean). I know I say this a lot, but I was originally going to write a “artists to look out for in 2017” post but I realized that almost all the artists on my list were R&B/Soul/Neo Soul artists. In addition, I spent most of the year observing and studying different artists and their projects in 2016. Many artists that are notorious for Hip-Hop albums revealed a much softer side last year. Kanye West went from “New Slaves” to “Ultralight Beam” amongst other artists that showed a more vulnerable side like Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, and Childish Gambino. Contrary to most people’s opinions, I really loved their albums; especially “Awaken, My Love!”

Like I mentioned, 2016 was a great year for mainstream music and a preview to what we’ll see in 2017. I have this weird theory that people are fed up with “mumble” rappers so they’re starting to turn to R&B; what many artist claim to be “real music”. We can save that argument for a different post but when I say R&B, it’s really a huge umbrella for soul, neo soul, contemporary R&B, funk and even disco. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over anything with a funky beat.

Last year I discovered some amazing artists that are not very known and I think it’s time to share those with you all. It all started while I was digging through SoundCloud and stumbled upon an EP  titled “The Pink Polo” by Masego and Medasin.  I fell in love and decided I wanted to find more music like that. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find related artist and I began to build a playlists of undiscovered artists. By now, a lot of these artists have been signed to big labels, toured the country, and performed at big name festivals but are still not getting the attention they deserve (at least not in Las Vegas). I’m going to spotlight some of the artists I believe are going to make a huge impact in 2017 as well as attach my R&B Playlist featuring some of my favorite artists. I hope you all enjoy the music as much as I do.


H.E.R. has kept up a mysterious persona with little to no press and no performances to back her incredible sound. “I want it to be about the music — its honesty and realness. I’ll reveal who I am in due time” she explains to LA Times. This was very well though out, as the  acronym H.E.R. means “Having Everything Revealed”.  In 2016, she debuted her first project titled H.E.R. Vol. 1  but there’s speculation of a sequel coming out this year. It’s something about her angelic voice that keeps me glued to my headphones. She is definitely one to keep an eye out in 2017.


Only 18 years old, the Texas artist has definitely caught the attention of big names in 2016. I’m predicting Khalid on every music fest line-up this year, with out a doubt. He has a very unique sound and should be considered 2017’s best upcoming artist. There’s no information on whether he will be coming out with any new music but he just announced a 21 city tour around the U.S. This is huge considering how young he is and having only 11 original songs on SoundCloud but I am a little upset he won’t be stopping in Las Vegas *insert sad face emoji*.


Like I mentioned earlier, The Pink Polo EP was something that really caught my eye and Masego is part of the genus responsible for it. The 22 year-old has created his own genre of music which he calls “Trap House Jazz”. He’s really incomparable to anyone in the game right now which is why he is one of my artists to watch in 2017. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this year.

Majid Jordan

All I have to say is that I’m literally dying to see them perform and they are highly slept on. I don’t know why because they’re actually signed to OVO but I guess you all can keep sleeping so that when I finally get to see them live, I’ll probably get front row seats. But really…the music is addicting. I haven’t felt this way about music since I first heard The Weeknd. They’ve also only released one project so they are long over due…2017? Please?

Roy Wood$

From Canada, the 20 year old has mastered the arts of singing and rapping. His most recent concert was opening for  PartyNextDoor at the Observatory in LA but there’s no information of upcoming projects or tours. He definitely has lots of music out but hasn’t gotten the recognition for it. He’s really unique and his sound really intrigues me so let’s see what 2017 has in store for Roy Wood$.

Jorja Smith

She is one of my most recent and most prized discoveries in music. A true goddess and incredibly talented singer/songwriter, hailing from the UK. Her music recently started creating a buzz in the U.S. so with that you can thank me later for putting you on. She has a 4 track project on SoundCloud titled Project 11 and I highly recommend listening to the whole thing. I have no doubt the world will find out about her this year and make her a star (although she already is one). U da best Jorja.


I’ve definitely wrote about her before but people still don’t seem to get the point. NAO is ironically  the future. Her sound is so ahead of our time, I’m really hoping people will get the clue this year. Then again, she is another British queen so it might take some time for her music to make is across seas. She would’ve been perfect for a festival like Soulquarius. Don’t sleep on NAO.


Man… OVO is killing it with the new artists lately. Dvsn, pronounced “division”, are a Duo comprised of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, hailing from Canada. They only have one project titled SEPT 5TH which can be found on most streaming platforms. Since they are singed to OVO that leads me to believe they will be on festival line ups this year or hopefully announcing a tour soon. They definitely HAVE to release a project this year, thats without a question.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading this post. I’ll leave you with these 50 songs of pure bliss. Enjoy the gems I’ve been keeping a secret to myself, it was time to stop being selfish and actually share them with everyone. Please enjoy! Until next time…


Trends to Leave in 2016…


With the end of the year quickly approaching, I felt the need to make a closing statement. As much as I love following trends and being up to date with everything on Twitter and Instagram; there are just a few things we need to leave behind. This was a crazy year in pop culture where many things went viral and trends blew up but we definitely need to come back to reality. The good news is that we get a clean slate once the new year begins.

Here are a few trends we need to leave in 2016…

  1. Rainbow Hair and Rainbow lip colors. Kylie Jenner is going to run out of colors for her LipKits. You guys can stop now.
  2. Hyping up Instagram models. Hey, I’m not knocking their hustles but some of these girls have thousands of followers for posting half-naked pictures and that’s it. LET’S LEAVE THAT IN 2016 and start hyping up girl bosses with clothing brands, dope artwork and cool blogs! (;
  3. _______ Challenges. S/0 to Rae Sremmurd for literally taking over the world with the Mannequin Challenge but after that I heard about the Chuck E. Cheese Challenge and I just about flipped my shit.
  4. Hating J. Cole. I don’t like his music either but y’all gotta stop with the shit talking. I feel like people hate on him just to feel relevant.
  5. DISTRESSED SHIRTS/SWEATERS. Are you guys for real paying $300 for a ripped sweaters with stretched out arms with a Yeezy tag on it?? Can’t relate.
  6.  Flexing on social media. Nobody cares that you’re sipping lean on a Monday night or smoke 1,000 blunts a day. I’m skipping through your snapchat story.
  7. Also being extra sensitive on social media. I don’t really care when people come at me sideways for stating my opinions but some people really go the extra mile.
  8. STOP CLAIMING YOU’RE A “CRAZY” GIRLFRIEND. That psycho chick trend seriously needs to stop. Stop checking his phone and asking for passwords etc… If you don’t trust him, move on boo.
  9. We need to leave the “New vs. Old” school hip-hop/rap debate in 2016. There’s really no argument for opinions, just save your breath.
  10. Stop hating pineapple pizza, it never did anything to you.

Let’s start the year off by being better people. Treat your family well, eat your veggies, and mind your business. Promise it will be a good year. Oh, and don’t forget to WORK HARD for the things you want to achieve. Social media isn’t everything. This is a lesson I’m still learning but it’s definitely a process. Don’t obsess about unrealistic things you see on social media, instead go out and make things happen. You got this. 2017 is the year of the SAVAGES.


Is Hip-Hop really dead???


While most people believe that hip-hop is progressing, I feel like some key elements are dying. Although I show a lot of interest in music, I’ve only been a critical music listener for a little over a year. After seeing and participating in many musical debates, I wanted to get to the bottom of everything. The first thing I wanted to do was educate myself a little more about the roots of hip-hop music and really dissect the elements that played a key role in the culture. Originally, my idea was to post a video about the history of hip-hop but I couldn’t find much under 10 minutes (my attention span might be the same as a dog). So, I started looking up the different eras and found that I already knew most of the music. I put it upon myself to create a video that embodies the evolution of hip-hop music and culture in under 10 minutes. Being the visual learner that I am, I found it so interesting to compare and contrast the differences between the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s fashion, slang and dance. After watching the video I made a few times, I came to a conclusion that my favorite era of music is the 80’s. The reason behind this is simple, music was made for pure enjoyment. There were no flashy jewelry, half-naked females, offensive words and it was all about the party. The music videos in the 80’s all reflect large gatherings, being outside and original dance moves. As the years progress, you start to see more diamonds, money, drugs, and females. I blame technology for this. Celebrities are so overly exposed on television now a days. You can’t get anyone to buy a product or watch a show that doesn’t have a celebrity in it. In addition to the fame, came tons of money. Artists make so much money that they don’t even keep track of it. I’m sure if I made as much money as Kanye West, I’d be wearing flashy rings and fur coats too. Besides this, what really matters is the music. I totally agree with people when they say these new rappers are trash BUT we have to acknowledge that they are the next generation. I’m pretty sure Ice Cube doesn’t listen to Young Thug although, Ice Cube probably wasn’t liked for putting out gangster rap either. The evolution of music is going to happen whether we like it or not. It’s your decision whether you decide to ride the wave. One thing we cannot ignore is the fact that these “new school” rappers have created successful brands that support their careers. That is something to be respected in any business perspective. Overall, I’m happy to see streetwear is making a comeback. Now I’d love to see break-dancing, turntable-ism, and freedom of expression make a comeback too. I really hope you guys enjoy the video I put together. Tweet me what you think! Until next time…


#LoveVegas vol. 6

What’s good?! It’s about that time for my #LoveVegas vol. 6 playlist! It’s crazy, I feel like I make a dope playlist and think to myself “This is too good, how is the next one going to top it?” and it always does! This week’s playlist is filled with really talented artists in Las Vegas (nothing new). I noticed there’s a little bit of a different vibe in this one though, some more R&B and even Island influenced music. I’m excited to introduce you guys the newest #LoveVegas  vol. 6 featuring…Fendi$ean, Kalamari Mike, Silent From313, Mari The Kid, Rod Waters, DaDudeBigB, Glock and Slap, Forté, Lowerkey, JTruthPA, Joey Wolfe, Delá Phantom, LE$LAFLAME, Paul Perez, and Teddy Crooklyn. Again, I linked they personal pages to their names, if you like their music then follow them or show them some love! Enjoy!


Hot 16: The #1 Hip Hop Podcast


screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-10-40-47-pmThis week I made a special appearance on Hot 16, The #1 Hip Hop Podcast. Everybody needs to listen to this podcast even if you’re not from Las Vegas. While providing timely news in Hip-Hop and respectable opinions, Siril Beil and State Line Jay make the best duo. Their easy-going personalities and passion for the industry make Jay and Siril some of the coolest dudes I know. I spent an hour with them in the “Black Box” where every poppin’ artist in Vegas has had the opportunity to sit. Their podcast is aired every Wednesday, so make sure to tune in! This week they talked about Kayne’s trip to the hospital, as well as The Weeknd’s newest album StarBoy and other relevant topics. AND FOR THE RECORD… Lauryn Hill is my favorite MC of all time. I misunderstood the question so I said Kehlani was the best of the new MC of this generation but after I heard the podcast again, I sounded really dumb. Soooo I just wanted to clear that up before I get flamed on. Enjoy!


#LoveVegas vol. 5

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know if you’re reading this right now you are as thankful as I am for music. This week I bringing you guys a playlist full of amazing songs made by people in Las Vegas. I’ve noticed a lot of people dropping singles this week and it’s so hard not to post them but I want to give everyone a chance to be on my playlist (if I fuck with your music of course). I’m trying my very best not to post an artist more than once but if they’re featured on a song with someone I haven’t posted yet, they’re just going to have to be recognized twice. Nobodies hard work is going unnoticed here. With that being said… #LoveVegas vol. 5 featuring: Mikey Promethxan, Locks x uuB, UnkownTheRapper, itsxmusic, Joey Wolfe, Luna, Caterpillar Jones, *Nate Quest*, Tana FoReal, PaintBraveArt, Asaiah Ziv, and Mac Nealy. All together they have over 32,000 plays on SoundCloud. I conveniently linked their SoundCloud pages with their names if you’re interested in listening to more of their music. Follow them and show some love! Enjoy #LoveVegas vol. 5


Overflow 6 Video Recap

What’s up everyone! I’m so excited to tell everyone about my weekend! I went out to the Waterhole this Saturday for Overflow 6! It was one of the dopest events I’ve been to so far. I think what made it so enjoyable was the line-up. Like, seriously, they had some of the hardest emcee’s in Vegas. My favorite performances of the night had to have been G. Reed, LeRoy Chops, Bizzy Boys, Swami Netero and of course ZellyVibes. It was my first time watching any of them perform besides Zelly. They were all full of energy which transpired to everyone in the crowd. G. Reed even brought out T.Rabb, North town, or how the say, “Norf” town legends. Another thing I really enjoyed about this event was that it brought together many different people from different sides of the city. Everyone was respectful and supportive. It was just a really good night. I really want to see more nights like that in Vegas; no drama, just love and support. For those of you that don’t know, I bought a camera so that I can create my own content for my website so I decided to test it out this weekend. It’s not great, I know, but just know I’ll be getting a lot better at it the more I practice. I hope you guys enjoy the little video I put together. Until next time!


#LoveVegas vol. 4

I want to start this post by saying thank you to everyone who actively checks my website and promotes it. This #LoveVegas playlist has been a huge success. I never thought it would be a playlist that people really WANT  to be on. Glad you guys are fucking with it. This past week I’ve discovered some amazing talent. I’ve discovered so many artists that I gathered enough  for two playlists but I’m only sharing one with you guys this week. It’s really hard to keep up with all the DM’s and stuff so if you don’t see your name in this one, #LoveVegas vol. 5 is coming real soon! I’m happy to share #LoveVegas vol. 4 featuring: uuB, Hack The Mack, Lee Williams, BraveART, Asaiah Ziv, Chop808, Kevy Los, M O O S E, Norvis Junior, Chuck Brilliant, AK, and Richie Bux. Altogether they have over 167 thousand plays on SoundCloud. ENJOY!


Welcome to the Presidency Trump

I know I am not alone when I say I felt disgusted and uneasy when the last couple of votes came in which pulled Donald Trump over the 270 electoral votes needed to be elected for President. On November 9th, I walked outside my house and felt that everything was moving slowly and the weather was gloomy. It almost felt like we were all mourning the loss of our beloved country. I sat in class and rigorously wrote all my thoughts on a piece of paper so I felt I should share some of those thoughts with you all. I looked at this as an educational opportunity, hopefully we can all learn from this entire experience. Here are my five take-aways from this election…

  1. First thing is first, we could’ve elected Bernie Sanders as Presidential nominee had his following (millennials, Gen Xers, women, minorities, students, working-class) voted in the caucuses/primaries. In Nevada, the caucus turnout was only 8% of registered voters. ONLY EIGHT PERCENT. The only people who even know about the caucus are retired people that don’t have much to do. Next election we NEED to participate in the Nevada Caucus.
  2. Ok, this next one is a little touchy but I’m going to say it anyways… In sociology, there is a phenomena or theory called “passing”. “Passing is the ability of a person to be regarded as a member of an identity group or category different from their own, which may include racial identity, ethnicity, caste, social class, sexuality, gender, religion, age and/or disability status.” I believe I fall under this category where most people think I’m white; although I am fully hispanic (and proud). Because of this, I have never faced racial discrimination or anything of that sort, therefor I always ignored the issues surrounding me. This election taught me that there is a lot of progress to be made. It is almost scary how many people supported Donald Trump even after all the racial, anti-feminist, exclusionary remarks he made over and over again. Not once did he apologize for his actions.
  3. From now on, we must acknowledge what just happened and continue to work hard. Now is the time to work even harder towards our goals and show the other half of this country that we are not just Hispanic, Black, Muslim or Female. But instead show them we will be successful individuals that will NOT be put into any category and will NOT be defined by the color of our skin or our sexual preferences.
  4. The 2016 election should also be a wake-up call for everyone to be more educated on the subject and educate others. This was my first time voting and I wish I was a little more prepared. Sometimes I think I could’ve made more of an impact in my community. Only half of the population in Nevada voted, that should say a lot. Don’t get me wrong, we did our part by choosing Hilary but that clearly wasn’t enough.
  5. Lastly, let us not stoop down to the level of Donald Trump’s rationality. There is a lesson to be learned from all of this. Remember everything happens for a reason. Before we lose all hope, let’s stay positive and hope everything doesn’t go to shit. Maybe a miracle will happen between now and January 20th and if not, we still need to stick together and be POSITIVE.


Until next time…✌


#LoveVegas vol. 3

I’m back with a very special edition of my #LoveVegas playlist. This week I decided to dig into the side of me that loves music festivals and raves by creating an EDM playlists featuring all Las Vegas electronic music producers. Since I started my blog, I’ve posted nothing but Hip-hop and R&B but the truth is that I have a huge soft spot for EDM. In the past three years I’ve attended 8 music festivals and many other local electronic music events. Having gone to so many festivals, I think what makes me go back every time is the people that come together for the love of music. I don’t go for the turn-up or the drugs, just for the music. With that being said, I’d really like to thank the artists I chose for this playlist for being great and doing it for the love of music. They are all extremely talented and most of them are signed to huge labels. I hope you all enjoy this playlist as much as I do! AND now for your listening pleasure…..#LoveVegas featuring: Type3, Hawkboy, Uknew, DIRTY LAZRS, Andrew Stolle, Aztekno, PRIZMACK, FlashGang, WYLDSYDE, Shelco Garcia and Teenwolf, Casey Jones, Lloyd Grand, BANGLA, and SEX CELLS.


Thank you Mr. West

20161030-saintpablo-009-dscf4922 20161030-saintpablo-012-dscf4992 20161030-saintpablo-004-dscf4967

This October, I experienced my very first rap concert and by no surprise, I fell even deeper in love with rap culture.  Thank you Mr. West. Thank you for your inspiring originality and glorious music. By the end of the concert I felt like I needed to “bow at the presence of greatness.”

Since I had never been to a rap/hip-hop concert like this before, I really had nobody to compare him to. Although, I’d have to say, I did have really high expectations. I couldn’t be any happier that I waited all this time to experience my first rap concert. When he announced his Saint Pablo tour I knew I couldn’t miss it but I wasn’t really down to pay $300 for tickets, so I almost didn’t go. Luckily I have some dope friends and found a ticket for $80 for a seat in section 2. #finesseshawty #shoutoutexpersth

As I was walking into the T-Mobile Arena, I was amazed at the amount of people there to see a single artist perform. No openers, no band, no live music, just Kanye motherfucking West. I loved seeing everyone in their Yeezys and dope street wear. It was like seeing my Instagram feed in real life. Once I set foot in the arena, I felt a crazy energy, something I only feel when I’m watching my favorite DJ’s perform at festivals. By this point I had a few drinks in me and I was feeling good, the energy was right, and just wanted the show to start.

Once the first notes of Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1 came on and everyone started cheering that energy level went up 10x. I sang the lyrics to every song at the top of my lungs as did everyone else in the arena. It was an amazing thing to see and hear. The energy level stayed consistently throughout the concert but it sadly came to an end. I really would’ve stayed and sang 10 more songs with him….

All in all, I got to see one of my favorite albums of all time performed live and experienced it with great company. I am an ever bigger fan on Kanye West after this concert. It really goes to show how much he has influenced hip-hop and how many supporters he has. You really can’t deny the talent this guy has. Honestly, truly. I think I can die happily now. #KanyeforPresident #Ye2020

HUGE shout out to my friend Kevin for the photos above! Follow his IG: @_kdigital





Sooooo in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to give you guys a flash back to a Halloween Party my friends and I threw 2 years ago. We kept this video pretty low key but I think it’s time to bring out from the dead. My parents are probably going to watch this and they might kill me but I’ll suffer the consequences for your entertainment purposes. I was dressed as Wonder Woman, see if you can spot me (;. If you’re going out this weekend please be safe and watch your alcohol intake! If you need a ride, use my Uber code: chelseab6832ue

Happy Halloween!


#LoveVegas vol. 2

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. I’m back with a brand new #LoveVegas playlist. This playlist includes 17 different rappers and producers. I really feel like these rappers embody the Las Vegas hip-hop scene. Make sure to repost the playlist and bump it in your car on your way to work, I promise you won’t regret it! Can’t wait for you guys to hear what I’ve put together. I’d like to present to you #LoveVegas vol. 2 featuring: SIAH, ProfaneZannie Dee, Jerico, Rob Falco, LE$LAFLAME, TheTruthRabb, Delá Phantom, CDZN, Rod Waters, Young Dre, and Kiari The Stone.

Send me linked submissions for #LoveVegas vol. 4 on Twitter! Thanks for tuning in!

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My Top Picks of Tuesday Blend Unplugged

On October 18th, I attended my very first Tuesday Blend Unplugged. I’ve heard about Tuesday Blend since I was in high school but never went to one because my parents didn’t let me out on school nights. Now that I can, you’ll be seeing me there all the time, I had so much fun!14691297_358893764448463_5638304582527007968_o

So, this “unplugged” version of Tuesday Blend is sort of like a screening process before the artists get selected to go to Tuesday Blend at the Hard Rock.  It’s a 21+ event which definitely gives it a mature feel. Not only was this a place for intimate performances, it was filled with creatives (literally a networking DREAM). I spoke to singers, rappers, photographers, videographers, bloggers, producers, and some. This was only the third one they’ve done and I truly believe that this event has the potential of being THE spot to hang out on every second Tuesday of the month. I want to note that everyone was extremely approachable, everyone was very receptive to meeting new people.

I wanted to cover the entire night and give you guys a recap but instead I’m going to give you my top 5 picks. #top5top5top5

The first performer of the night was one of my favorites. She took the stage with grace alongside her drummer, guitarist, and keyboardist. KayyNova caught everyone’s attention right away with her angelic voice. She sang two songs off of her EP The Notebook14633727_358893771115129_1877747549789544003_o and covered a song off of Solange’s newest album. This wasn’t my first time seeing her perform live so I already knew everyone was  in for a treat.

KayyNova is getting ready to tour the country next month  with her entire band and we spoke for a bit about the difficulties and expenses of touring so I’d like to share her GoFundMe (click HERE) for anyone who is willing to help this talented soul achieve her goals. I’m sure she will really appreciate it.

Mike Xavier was the next rapper that came on stage and he took me by surprise. It was honestly my first time hearing his name so I didn’t really know what to expect. My first impression was that he had really good stage presence and knew how to pick the crowd up. He painted a clear picture in my mind of each of his songs.14715672_358894177781755_2546200466700629450_o I felt that every word he rapped was believable and held a part in his personal story. My favorite part was when he rapped a cappella…or maybe when he covered “If I Ruled the World” by Lauryn Hill and Nas.

I’m pretty sure everyone in Las Vegas knows Profane. He’s been on some great line-ups and is one of Vegas’s most loyal rappers. I’m going to be honest, I’ve seen Profane perform a lot better than he did that night but that doesn’t take away from his amazing talent. It’s really something about this dude that makes you want to listen. Off-stage he might be one of the nicest rappers I’ve met. He gave me a big hug and truly thanked me for being there. Keep in mind we had never met before, so that was really cool of him. If you don’t know who he is, he has a real OG West Coast feel.  I noticed that he had some of his loyal fans in the crowd, rocking with him throughout the performance.

The next duo is making big things happen in Vegas and not by chance. Rob Falco and Trade Voorhees, made the whole crowd jump as soon as they got on stage. These dudes really have the ability to turn a small crowd into a mosh-pit.14700785_358895327781640_688181427879469927_o This wasn’t the case that night but I know for a fact that it happens at other shows. I’ve heard so much about each of them individually that when they got together, I expected nothing but greatness and they delivered just that. Since I covered Voorhees at the Beat Makers Social, I noticed all the horror movie samples in the production. Good shit!

Last but not least Le$LaFlame, took the stage with a saucy satin du-rag over his head and all his friends behind him. Unfortunately, most people had left around this time but he definitely killed it. He has like a Lil Uzi/Young Thug feel, so it’s obvious why people like him. 14691247_358895797781593_5514926121261319210_o
His name has been buzzing lately so I was high-key excited to see him perform. I’d really like to see him at a much bigger show. He’s someone to keep an eye out for in 2017!

Shout out to the Waterhole Kings and everyone on the team. Oh, and let’s not forget how LIT it was after the performances, DJ AR had us going until 2 a.m.! I really encourage people to go to the next event, especially if you like live performances and dope vibes. It’s the perfect place to network and have a good time. See you guys at the next Tuesday Blend!



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#LoveVegas vol. 1

For those of you who don’t know who I am yet, My name is Chelsea. Some people know me by Aux Cord Shawty and I like to put people “on” great music. So I am going to do just that…

There really isn’t a place where you can find all the good artists in one spot. Therefore I came up with an idea to create a Soundcloud playlist featuring some of my favorite Vegas artists; I’m calling #LoveVegas. I decided to call it #LoveVegas because I heard about a stupid trend called Fuck Vegas and that is not what we want to promote here. The city beyond the neon is all about love and support; I’d like to keep that going. I’d really love to see everyone supporting the artists they see in the playlists and simply showing love.

Each playlist will feature 10 different artist. I’m going to try and create new playlist with different artists as often as I can, so don’t be afraid to DM me your tracks. I literally sat and made this first playlist (vol.1) in 10 minutes and I already made vol. 2.  My very first #LoveVegas is comprised of the following artists: Big Mf Tone (Prod. Drew Dapps), Jae Douglass, ZellyVibes, DayDay, DEZMOND MF,  Jelani Ameer ft. Dizzy Wright, Jacquez, Fine$$e Father  x QUI$, MMLZ, and AugustFame. All together they have over 35,000 plays on Souncloud on just these 10 songs. Please do not be discouraged if you’re not in vol.1, there will be plenty more. You’ll have your time to shine.

And just a friendly reminder, these artists are ALL reppin’ Las Vegas.

I am happy to present #LoveVegas vol.1…

Be sure to follow my Soundcloud, you won’t regret it!


Beat Makers Social

Music producers have been in the shadows of singers and rappers for decades, but there’s a new era of producers getting the respect they deserve. If you ask me, these new rappers really aren’t shit without their producers. People like: Metro Boomin’, Zaytoven, K.Swisha, DJ Esco, are killing the game right now. Their beats alone are songs that need no lyrics. It’s about time producers get the recognition they deserve; kudos to them.

On October 1st, I had the privilege of experiencing my very first Beat Makers Social at the NOS Music Hall. All of the producers were hand-picked by the one and only On3trackmind, but also supported by Sam Ash and Civilian Clothing. Each beat maker was to bring samples of their music to play in front of an audience for approximately 20 mins. The night was filled with amazing talent which made for a tasteful music show (per usual).

I showed up with a pen and notebook to take notes of my experience. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that the vibe was really cozy and almost felt like I was in someone’s basement watching thecrowdm play their music. Each and every person there was completely submerged in the music and it stayed that way for the entire night. I wasn’t originally going to cover this show so unfortunately I didn’t get there on time to see the first producer.

I started my night with who they called the “King of Boom Bap”, Major Dynamicmajor-d. His set was filled with classic hip-hop beats with a groovy flare. His set transported me to the 80-90’s boom box era. Major Dynamic is a Beat Makers Social vet, having performed his beats a couple of times before, he told me this was the best turn-out so far.

Following Major Dynamic was the multi-talented Norvis Junior. In his website, it states his plan is to “bring a dynamic and unique experience to a live setting by spreading the space with gospel of love and light” and that was exactly what I felt. I was immediately intrigued by his unique style. I literally wrote “oddly pleasing” in my notebook. He showed off his John Legend-like vocal skills and his beats had a Kaytranada feel to them. I really felt the cultural and gospel aspect of his music which tied together with his entire look.

zellyThere were over 75 people in attendance when Zelly Vibes graced the stage. Let me just say that she just may be Vegas’ Golden Girl. She is so unique and gives off a really positive energy. She literally set the vibe as soon as she got on stage, plus she has amazing vocals. I’ve been a fan of her song Heavy Submarine so I was really excited to finally hear it live. Zelly, if you’re reading this, let’s link up!

Next Up, the guy who is taking Las Vegas to a new level, DJ AR. He’s known for running the house-party scene in Vegas and taking the stage at evenarts all over the West Coast but this time he was here to show-case his beats (live) for the very first time. He gave us a solid preview of his upcoming album CMPTRLUV. His beats were made up of grimey trap and transitioned over to some jazz-y hip-hop. Although it was his first time showcasing his beats he brought his A game. He showed the crowed how dynamic his music production is and his diversity.

While I was taking notes, a guy came up to me and asked if he could have a sip of my water. Little did I know he was the next person on the line-up, Drew Dapps. He introduced himself as the “friendly neighborhood beat maker”. His set was so simple and pleasing. I really liked how all his beats went together and effortlessly set a fun vibe in the room. If there was a cartoon about the trap life, he would definitely make the theme song to it. I don’t really know how else to explain his style but it’s so unique. I listened to his whole EP on my way home because I just couldn’t get enough. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on in 2017.

Trade Voorhees was next on stage and immediately took control of the crowd. He seemed so comfortable on stage, many say he’s a Vegas legend. He showcased some original songs with Rob Falco along with some of his beats. He said his favorite song to perform live is “Coolest mother fucker on Earth”. Voorhees played his Halloween inspired beats to kick off the month of October. Overall his style is really classic it suits him really well. I definitely became a fan after this show.
Last but not least, IndescribableINDY shut down the show with straight heat. He had some technical difficulties at first but still killed it. It windyas his very first time showcasing his own music but he fit right in with the beat maker veterans. His music had a classic hip-hop vibe with a modern twist on it. I can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us in the future!

Overall, I had a great time listening to everyone’s music. I’ll continue to say this, Vegas has a lot of talent and I can’t wait to see everyone shine. I met some really cool people that night so shout out to them!

Enjoy a recap of the entire show HERE. Photo and Video Credits to my friend On3trackmind!

Until next time… ✌

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