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Music producers have been in the shadows of singers and rappers for decades, but there’s a new era of producers getting the respect they deserve. If you ask me, these new rappers really aren’t shit without their producers. People like: Metro Boomin’, Zaytoven, K.Swisha, DJ Esco, are killing the game right now. Their beats alone are songs that need no lyrics. It’s about time producers get the recognition they deserve; kudos to them.

On October 1st, I had the privilege of experiencing my very first Beat Makers Social at the NOS Music Hall. All of the producers were hand-picked by the one and only On3trackmind, but also supported by Sam Ash and Civilian Clothing. Each beat maker was to bring samples of their music to play in front of an audience for approximately 20 mins. The night was filled with amazing talent which made for a tasteful music show (per usual).

I showed up with a pen and notebook to take notes of my experience. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that the vibe was really cozy and almost felt like I was in someone’s basement watching thecrowdm play their music. Each and every person there was completely submerged in the music and it stayed that way for the entire night. I wasn’t originally going to cover this show so unfortunately I didn’t get there on time to see the first producer.

I started my night with who they called the “King of Boom Bap”, Major Dynamicmajor-d. His set was filled with classic hip-hop beats with a groovy flare. His set transported me to the 80-90’s boom box era. Major Dynamic is a Beat Makers Social vet, having performed his beats a couple of times before, he told me this was the best turn-out so far.

Following Major Dynamic was the multi-talented Norvis Junior. In his website, it states his plan is to “bring a dynamic and unique experience to a live setting by spreading the space with gospel of love and light” and that was exactly what I felt. I was immediately intrigued by his unique style. I literally wrote “oddly pleasing” in my notebook. He showed off his John Legend-like vocal skills and his beats had a Kaytranada feel to them. I really felt the cultural and gospel aspect of his music which tied together with his entire look.

zellyThere were over 75 people in attendance when Zelly Vibes graced the stage. Let me just say that she just may be Vegas’ Golden Girl. She is so unique and gives off a really positive energy. She literally set the vibe as soon as she got on stage, plus she has amazing vocals. I’ve been a fan of her song Heavy Submarine so I was really excited to finally hear it live. Zelly, if you’re reading this, let’s link up!

Next Up, the guy who is taking Las Vegas to a new level, DJ AR. He’s known for running the house-party scene in Vegas and taking the stage at evenarts all over the West Coast but this time he was here to show-case his beats (live) for the very first time. He gave us a solid preview of his upcoming album CMPTRLUV. His beats were made up of grimey trap and transitioned over to some jazz-y hip-hop. Although it was his first time showcasing his beats he brought his A game. He showed the crowed how dynamic his music production is and his diversity.

While I was taking notes, a guy came up to me and asked if he could have a sip of my water. Little did I know he was the next person on the line-up, Drew Dapps. He introduced himself as the “friendly neighborhood beat maker”. His set was so simple and pleasing. I really liked how all his beats went together and effortlessly set a fun vibe in the room. If there was a cartoon about the trap life, he would definitely make the theme song to it. I don’t really know how else to explain his style but it’s so unique. I listened to his whole EP on my way home because I just couldn’t get enough. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on in 2017.

Trade Voorhees was next on stage and immediately took control of the crowd. He seemed so comfortable on stage, many say he’s a Vegas legend. He showcased some original songs with Rob Falco along with some of his beats. He said his favorite song to perform live is “Coolest mother fucker on Earth”. Voorhees played his Halloween inspired beats to kick off the month of October. Overall his style is really classic it suits him really well. I definitely became a fan after this show.
Last but not least, IndescribableINDY shut down the show with straight heat. He had some technical difficulties at first but still killed it. It windyas his very first time showcasing his own music but he fit right in with the beat maker veterans. His music had a classic hip-hop vibe with a modern twist on it. I can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us in the future!

Overall, I had a great time listening to everyone’s music. I’ll continue to say this, Vegas has a lot of talent and I can’t wait to see everyone shine. I met some really cool people that night so shout out to them!

Enjoy a recap of the entire show HERE. Photo and Video Credits to my friend On3trackmind!

Until next time… ✌

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