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Trends to Leave in 2016…


With the end of the year quickly approaching, I felt the need to make a closing statement. As much as I love following trends and being up to date with everything on Twitter and Instagram; there are just a few things we need to leave behind. This was a crazy year in pop culture where many things went viral and trends blew up but we definitely need to come back to reality. The good news is that we get a clean slate once the new year begins.

Here are a few trends we need to leave in 2016…

  1. Rainbow Hair and Rainbow lip colors. Kylie Jenner is going to run out of colors for her LipKits. You guys can stop now.
  2. Hyping up Instagram models. Hey, I’m not knocking their hustles but some of these girls have thousands of followers for posting half-naked pictures and that’s it. LET’S LEAVE THAT IN 2016 and start hyping up girl bosses with clothing brands, dope artwork and cool blogs! (;
  3. _______ Challenges. S/0 to Rae Sremmurd for literally taking over the world with the Mannequin Challenge but after that I heard about the Chuck E. Cheese Challenge and I just about flipped my shit.
  4. Hating J. Cole. I don’t like his music either but y’all gotta stop with the shit talking. I feel like people hate on him just to feel relevant.
  5. DISTRESSED SHIRTS/SWEATERS. Are you guys for real paying $300 for a ripped sweaters with stretched out arms with a Yeezy tag on it?? Can’t relate.
  6.  Flexing on social media. Nobody cares that you’re sipping lean on a Monday night or smoke 1,000 blunts a day. I’m skipping through your snapchat story.
  7. Also being extra sensitive on social media. I don’t really care when people come at me sideways for stating my opinions but some people really go the extra mile.
  8. STOP CLAIMING YOU’RE A “CRAZY” GIRLFRIEND. That psycho chick trend seriously needs to stop. Stop checking his phone and asking for passwords etc… If you don’t trust him, move on boo.
  9. We need to leave the “New vs. Old” school hip-hop/rap debate in 2016. There’s really no argument for opinions, just save your breath.
  10. Stop hating pineapple pizza, it never did anything to you.

Let’s start the year off by being better people. Treat your family well, eat your veggies, and mind your business. Promise it will be a good year. Oh, and don’t forget to WORK HARD for the things you want to achieve. Social media isn’t everything. This is a lesson I’m still learning but it’s definitely a process. Don’t obsess about unrealistic things you see on social media, instead go out and make things happen. You got this. 2017 is the year of the SAVAGES.


Welcome to the Presidency Trump

I know I am not alone when I say I felt disgusted and uneasy when the last couple of votes came in which pulled Donald Trump over the 270 electoral votes needed to be elected for President. On November 9th, I walked outside my house and felt that everything was moving slowly and the weather was gloomy. It almost felt like we were all mourning the loss of our beloved country. I sat in class and rigorously wrote all my thoughts on a piece of paper so I felt I should share some of those thoughts with you all. I looked at this as an educational opportunity, hopefully we can all learn from this entire experience. Here are my five take-aways from this election…

  1. First thing is first, we could’ve elected Bernie Sanders as Presidential nominee had his following (millennials, Gen Xers, women, minorities, students, working-class) voted in the caucuses/primaries. In Nevada, the caucus turnout was only 8% of registered voters. ONLY EIGHT PERCENT. The only people who even know about the caucus are retired people that don’t have much to do. Next election we NEED to participate in the Nevada Caucus.
  2. Ok, this next one is a little touchy but I’m going to say it anyways… In sociology, there is a phenomena or theory called “passing”. “Passing is the ability of a person to be regarded as a member of an identity group or category different from their own, which may include racial identity, ethnicity, caste, social class, sexuality, gender, religion, age and/or disability status.” I believe I fall under this category where most people think I’m white; although I am fully hispanic (and proud). Because of this, I have never faced racial discrimination or anything of that sort, therefor I always ignored the issues surrounding me. This election taught me that there is a lot of progress to be made. It is almost scary how many people supported Donald Trump even after all the racial, anti-feminist, exclusionary remarks he made over and over again. Not once did he apologize for his actions.
  3. From now on, we must acknowledge what just happened and continue to work hard. Now is the time to work even harder towards our goals and show the other half of this country that we are not just Hispanic, Black, Muslim or Female. But instead show them we will be successful individuals that will NOT be put into any category and will NOT be defined by the color of our skin or our sexual preferences.
  4. The 2016 election should also be a wake-up call for everyone to be more educated on the subject and educate others. This was my first time voting and I wish I was a little more prepared. Sometimes I think I could’ve made more of an impact in my community. Only half of the population in Nevada voted, that should say a lot. Don’t get me wrong, we did our part by choosing Hilary but that clearly wasn’t enough.
  5. Lastly, let us not stoop down to the level of Donald Trump’s rationality. There is a lesson to be learned from all of this. Remember everything happens for a reason. Before we lose all hope, let’s stay positive and hope everything doesn’t go to shit. Maybe a miracle will happen between now and January 20th and if not, we still need to stick together and be POSITIVE.


Until next time…✌



Sooooo in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to give you guys a flash back to a Halloween Party my friends and I threw 2 years ago. We kept this video pretty low key but I think it’s time to bring out from the dead. My parents are probably going to watch this and they might kill me but I’ll suffer the consequences for your entertainment purposes. I was dressed as Wonder Woman, see if you can spot me (;. If you’re going out this weekend please be safe and watch your alcohol intake! If you need a ride, use my Uber code: chelseab6832ue

Happy Halloween!


Back-to-School Pep Talk

Sooooo summer’s over. I know I’m not the only one that is extremely sad about this. But, hey, what can ya’ do? It’s time to get our heads back in the game! I thought about writing a survival guide or a back to school supplies list but what everyone REALLY needs is a pep-talk.

back to schoolThis summer was probably the best one yet. I went to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, EDC Las Vegas, and California. I saw so many people travel this summer too; so I know everyone had a great summer. But, it’s over know and it’s time to hit the books. For me, the hardest thing about going back to school is changing my sleep schedule. I know I’m not the only one that stays up until 1 a.m. watching Netflix in bed.

Every semester we say “Alright, this is it, I’m getting straight A’s this semester, no going out, no messing around. I’m going to study for every test and stay at the library for hours.” BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS. Make it happen this semester. This is a reminder for everyone that is struggling with their GPA. You can do it! It’s really not that hard to stay in every other weekend to catch up with work and just get things done as soon as they’re assigned. Trust me when I say I’m the queen of procrastination, but I’m really going to keep myself in the game and get my grades poppin’. Let’s do this together, repeat after me: I will get my shit together this semester!

If you’re anything like me and have nothing ready for your first week of school here’s a last minute shopping list:

  • Led Pencils
  • Colorful Pens
  • A 5 subject notebook
  • Planner
  • Gum
  • Chapstick

Good luck!


What it’s like to live in East Las Vegas

Alright, alright, enough with the stereotypes. ESLV isn’t THAT bad! Shout out Dizzy for putting us on the map.

Here’s what it’s like to live in the East.

  1. We grew up going to SAM’s Town or Boulder Station for the movies or bowling. We know those places like the back of our hands.
  2. We’ve celebrated at least one birthday at Olive Garden on Nellis.
  3. We try our best to stay away from Walmart on Stewart but we’ve all been there at 11 p.m. in our Pajamas.
  4. We idolize the old lady dressed as the Statue of Liberty around Tax season on Stewart and Nellis.
  5. We’ve all gone trick-or-treating on Tree Line.
  6. The only way we know where the East is from any other side of town is by looking for the Mormon Temple.
  7. The In-N-Out line is always WAY too long but we wait in it anyways.
  8. You literally can’t go ANYWHERE without knowing someone.
  9. Any East side party is a huge high school reunion.
  10. AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE AN EAST SIDE PARTY and every other side of town knows that.
  11. We’ve all been on an ice cream “date” in a car at Sonic.
  12. We all know where “the View” was, some even know about multiple views but they’re all shut down now.
  13. We’ve all spent a 4th of July or New Years up on Hollywood somewhere.
  14. We all have beef with someone on the East but at the end of the day we’re all family.
  15. …and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re not from the East.
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