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International Women’s Day

Hello, it’s been a while but I’m back with something great to share with you all…amazing music. On this International Women’s Day, I’ve curated a playlist with some of the dopest and most powerful women in the music game at the moment. I’m sure you’ve all noticed a large presence of women in music lately, with features from SZA, Jorja Smith and Kali Uchis in some of the most listened to songs and albums this year. We’ve heard great music from Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj in the past but I’d like to believe they’re passing down the torch to a new wave of female singers/songwriters and rappers. Here are some of my favorite…

Share this playlist with your girls today and let’s celebrate amazing/inspiring women! Enjoy!


#PassTheAux Interview w/ @OnlyyyJAYY

In this episode of #PassTheAux, I sat down with Jayy (@OnlyyyJAYY) to talk about his album ‘Casanova‘. The winter project drops December 18th and is sure to get you in your feels. He describes his album as his best solo work and includes a lot of new sounds in comparison to his last projects. The seven-song project will be sure to take you through an emotional rollercoaster, ultimately making you feel like a “Jefe”. Make sure to download or stream ‘Casanova‘ beginning December 18th on all streaming platforms and make sure to follow him for all of his latest updates. Enjoy the very first episode of #PassTheAuxx.




BANG, Trade Voorhees‘s newest single off of his 4th album titled “Saturday 4”, features Vegas’s golden girl, Zelly Vibes. She’s also the only artist featured on his album which is extremely special since Voorhees’s albums usually have a lot of features. This was one of the very few female/male collaborations I’ve seen from the city and couldn’t resist writing about it. I love hearing female voices on hooks and wished more artists would do this but leave it up to Voorhees’s incredible creativity to execute such a task. I just knew this song was going to be dope once I heard the preview they posted on twitter.

Voorhees’s album dropped on October 14th, and as always, has been well received and lived up to everyone’s expectations. I’d also like to add a little kudos to his wife Amy Voorhees for producing two of the songs off his album. Females are taking over the scene and I LOVE it! Expect Voorhees’s ‘Saturday 4’ to come alive through his signature boom-bap sound and horror movie samples. The song ‘BANG’ perfectly combines Voorhees’s dark, twisted energy and Zelly’s  boss b**** attitude. In addition, Zelly dropped her EP titled ‘Vibrations’ this month. The 6 track EP takes you on a journey of love, finding happiness, and overall positive vibes which we can always count on from Zelly’s music.

Check out the music video for ‘BANG’ filmed by Shakyamuni Films below.

Also listen to ‘Saturday 4’ by Trade Voorhees and ‘Vibrations’ by Zelly Vibes attached below.


The ‘Lemonade’ Official Music Video

DemarcoTheMan did it again. He put together one of the best and most inovative visuals I’ve seen thus far. The ‘Lemonade’ music video dropped September 22nd and has over 200 views on YouTube.  The quality of this video is almost unseen at a local level, which proves (once again) DemarcoTheMan deserves so much more recognition than he receives. He’s raised the creativity bar so high, even other artist around Las Vegas are saying this is not just a regular video and we cannot continue to ignore great work such as DemarcoTheMan’s.  The ‘Lemonade’ video breaks down each song lyric which is about a guy trying to conquer the heart of a social media obsessed girl with trust issues due to her past relationships. DemarcoTheMan’s lyrics encapsulate most relationships in 2017.

I just love how effortlessly the images melt into the other and how it is so in-sync with each lyric. The Brooklyn artist, Richard A. Chance, is responsible for the animation and should also get a lot of credit. His style of animation is so crisp which features all of his original drawings. He also animates them himself. He’s influenced by 80’s airbrushed illustrations and artists such as David Jein, Syd Brak and Kanye West. Richard began illustrating people he saw on the train before he attended the NYC College of Technology. He’s currently working on an “online narrative gif comic thing” so make sure to keep up with his work at  His only message is “save your local cat”.

I can’t stop watching this video, I hope you all love it as much as I do. I will continue to update you all on DemarcoTheMan’s newest stuff. Enjoy.



Demario Barnes, also known as “Rio”, is Vegas’s new kid on the block. The eighteen year old released his first song on SoundCloud a little over a month ago and has already reached over 16,000 plays overall. He moved to Las Vegas from Jamaica when he was nine and always took interest in music. At a young age, Rio began to listen to Lil Wayne, whom he says is his biggest influence. He also listens to artists like Travis Scott, Drake, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti and Cheef Keef. I was curious to see what SoundCloud would pair him with so I used his song “Left Side” to create a station on the App. The first three artists that came up in relation to his song were Offset, Dave East, and Playboi Carti. Rio says he’s in the midst of filming a music video for “Left Side” and to be on the look out for his debut performance which is to be announced.

The guy is super talented. His songs are catchy and the type to get stuck in your head. You can find him on IG and Twitter @Demario1k and his music on SoundCloud and Spinrilla.


Behind the music: #WeAreBeautiful by DemarcoTheMan

#WeAreBeautiful, DemarcoTheMan’s newest project, has been dropped a few weeks earlier than expected and it is amazing. After listening to it a few times, I was left with some questions. Most projects are pretty straight forward and easy to follow, but with DemarcoTheMan’s complexity, I knew there was more than what met the ear. #WeAreBeautiful is a story from the perspective of a family of 5, all people that have different stories and experiences in life. DemarcoTheMan will explain…

Q: What inspired you to create #WeAreBeautiful? 

A: This project connects directly to my childhood. My childhood was a time where I witnessed experiences of myself and others. Now that I’m older, I look back on those experiences whether they were good or bad, and concluded based on what more than most people tend to do when they’re lost and looking for answers.

Q: What does #WeAreBeautiful mean to you?

A: What I’ve realized is that most people including myself, tend to look for answers and acceptance in other things or people. This could be sports, hobbies, drugs, and crime. Rather than looking at ourselves in bad situations, we look at other things hoping for answers. We don’t value ourselves and our potential as much as we should, and that’s something I’ve realized as time goes on. So, that’s why I believe that we are all beautiful if we put in the effort to look at ourselves and our reflections rather than judging the next person.

Q: Why are the songs names after people? Who are they and why are they important?

A: These songs aren’t the actual names of the people I talk about in each song. But they are all real people. If you listen to the story, I’m speaking from the perspective of a family of 5. I feel like whoever is listening to this project will be able to relate to someone in that family whether it’s Darrell, the dad, Isiah, the oldest brother, Michael, the youngest brother, Thomas, Darrell’s dad, or Rakeem, Darrell’s brother. They are all speaking from the perspective of feeling unloved and that’s something we’ve all experienced if not still experiencing. These are all people that not only I know, but people that the listeners know as well. Each of these family members have their own stories but are constantly judged and misunderstood. They’re judged by family, friends, and the system they live in. But, at the end of the day, they’re all human and perform their actions for a reason. For example, in “Killa Man,” I tell the story of how Isiah end’s up killing his uncle during a drug deal. He didn’t know that was his uncle though because it happened so fast and it was dark outside. He still didn’t know that was his uncle after the fact. But when he goes to that court room or that jail cell, those officers will see him as a criminal. Society will see him as criminal. His family will see him as a criminal. More than most people will neglect the fact that he was oppressed, that him being unloved chained to this event, and how this negative journey got the best of him which led to incarceration. He was highly influenced by his surroundings and home life. But, the people from the outside looking in won’t acknowledge that and that’s the sad reality about this story. That situation doesn’t only apply to Isiah though. It also applies to Darrell, Michael, Rakeem, and Thomas. They were all unloved and misunderstood.

Q: Will there be music videos?

A: As of now I can’t answer that. But, apart from the project, there is visually something on the way for one of the singles I’ve released before this project. I can’t wait to present this video to people because they love the song itself.

Q: What message would you like listeners to get from your music?

A: The overall message I hope people receive in my music is to be yourself and love yourself. You don’t have to settle at society’s standards for being yourself or being creative. It may be a much tougher road to success being yourself and staying true to your art, but it’ll pay off in the end. My legs are still in the mud and I’m currently trying to break free from this marginalization with my music. So, my message is something that not only I’m trying to get across to myself, but to others as well.

Q: Anything you’s like to add? Any shout-outs/ thank yous/ credits?

A: I must first off thank Gambi for producing these wonderful tracks. He’s an amazing producer. I must thank Richie Bux for hopping on the Killa Man Remix. He killed it. I must thank you for letting me put my voice on your platform. And lastly, I must thank most importantly the people that listen to my music. After making 4 projects, I’ve contemplated quitting music multiple times do to the fact that I felt unheard, but I’m realizing that there are people that love my music so I have no reason to stop. My biggest thanks go to my fans and the people that support me.

Q: What’s next for DemarcoTheMan? 

A: More music is always next for me. I will continue to push out creative content. Who knows, I might just wake up and decide to do another project. “We Are Beautiful” was something I decided to start working on at 8 in the morning with a hangover. I’m unpredictable so honestly, I can’t give an accurate description of what’s next for me. But, I can guarantee that I will continue to release music and visuals.

Listen to #WeAreBeautiful below.



Enjoy this dope music video for  POWMINDSET’S newest single “Greenhouse”. POWMINDSET is a lyrical duo comprised of Nick Crucial and Nate Quest, whom are incredibly accomplished individual artists. This video is unlike any other video I’ve seen, combining colors, cartoons, and patterns that go perfectly with the smooth ‘play on word’ vibes.

You can find all of their music on every streaming platform, just search POWMINDSET. Enjoy.

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