Is Hip-Hop really dead???


While most people believe that hip-hop is progressing, I feel like some key elements are dying. Although I show a lot of interest in music, I’ve only been a critical music listener for a little over a year. After seeing and participating in many musical debates, I wanted to get to the bottom of everything. The first thing I wanted to do was educate myself a little more about the roots of hip-hop music and really dissect the elements that played a key role in the culture. Originally, my idea was to post a video about the history of hip-hop but I couldn’t find much under 10 minutes (my attention span might be the same as a dog). So, I started looking up the different eras and found that I already knew most of the music. I put it upon myself to create a video that embodies the evolution of hip-hop music and culture in under 10 minutes. Being the visual learner that I am, I found it so interesting to compare and contrast the differences between the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s fashion, slang and dance. After watching the video I made a few times, I came to a conclusion that my favorite era of music is the 80’s. The reason behind this is simple, music was made for pure enjoyment. There were no flashy jewelry, half-naked females, offensive words and it was all about the party. The music videos in the 80’s all reflect large gatherings, being outside and original dance moves. As the years progress, you start to see more diamonds, money, drugs, and females. I blame technology for this. Celebrities are so overly exposed on television now a days. You can’t get anyone to buy a product or watch a show that doesn’t have a celebrity in it. In addition to the fame, came tons of money. Artists make so much money that they don’t even keep track of it. I’m sure if I made as much money as Kanye West, I’d be wearing flashy rings and fur coats too. Besides this, what really matters is the music. I totally agree with people when they say these new rappers are trash BUT we have to acknowledge that they are the next generation. I’m pretty sure Ice Cube doesn’t listen to Young Thug although, Ice Cube probably wasn’t liked for putting out gangster rap either. The evolution of music is going to happen whether we like it or not. It’s your decision whether you decide to ride the wave. One thing we cannot ignore is the fact that these “new school” rappers have created successful brands that support their careers. That is something to be respected in any business perspective. Overall, I’m happy to see streetwear is making a comeback. Now I’d love to see break-dancing, turntable-ism, and freedom of expression make a comeback too. I really hope you guys enjoy the video I put together. Tweet me what you think! Until next time…

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