Thank you Mr. West

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This October, I experienced my very first rap concert and by no surprise, I fell even deeper in love with rap culture.  Thank you Mr. West. Thank you for your inspiring originality and glorious music. By the end of the concert I felt like I needed to “bow at the presence of greatness.”

Since I had never been to a rap/hip-hop concert like this before, I really had nobody to compare him to. Although, I’d have to say, I did have really high expectations. I couldn’t be any happier that I waited all this time to experience my first rap concert. When he announced his Saint Pablo tour I knew I couldn’t miss it but I wasn’t really down to pay $300 for tickets, so I almost didn’t go. Luckily I have some dope friends and found a ticket for $80 for a seat in section 2. #finesseshawty #shoutoutexpersth

As I was walking into the T-Mobile Arena, I was amazed at the amount of people there to see a single artist perform. No openers, no band, no live music, just Kanye motherfucking West. I loved seeing everyone in their Yeezys and dope street wear. It was like seeing my Instagram feed in real life. Once I set foot in the arena, I felt a crazy energy, something I only feel when I’m watching my favorite DJ’s perform at festivals. By this point I had a few drinks in me and I was feeling good, the energy was right, and just wanted the show to start.

Once the first notes of Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1 came on and everyone started cheering that energy level went up 10x. I sang the lyrics to every song at the top of my lungs as did everyone else in the arena. It was an amazing thing to see and hear. The energy level stayed consistently throughout the concert but it sadly came to an end. I really would’ve stayed and sang 10 more songs with him….

All in all, I got to see one of my favorite albums of all time performed live and experienced it with great company. I am an ever bigger fan on Kanye West after this concert. It really goes to show how much he has influenced hip-hop and how many supporters he has. You really can’t deny the talent this guy has. Honestly, truly. I think I can die happily now. #KanyeforPresident #Ye2020

HUGE shout out to my friend Kevin for the photos above! Follow his IG: @_kdigital



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