Killa Man.

DemarcoTheMan is an artists I’ve been extremely excited to talk about on here. He is highly slept on, and not just on a local level. DemarcoTheMan is a true storyteller, the type to have you rewinding the song if you missed a small portion of the story. You have to listen closely, as every lyric plays a key role in painting a vivid image. This song “Killa Man” is single off of his upcoming project titled “We Are Beautiful”.  It starts off with inter-city ambience and it almost gives me the feel of someone sitting on a porch telling life stories. It rides into a melodic hook which keeps the energy on a very smooth level. The lyrics ultimately end at about 3 mintues and 40 seconds. The song is taken over by an incredibly heartfelt trumpet solo which is almost unheard of in hip-hop but works incredibly well with this song. DemarcoTheMan is truly innovative and someone to keep a very close eye on. I’ve kept close contact with him for the past couple of months thus having some exclusive information on his upcoming project. We will be dropping his track list and artwork for “We Are Beautiful” next week. For now, enjoy “Killa Man” by the magical, DemarcoTheMan.

Follow him on Twitter at @DemarcoTheMan

and on SoundCloud at DemarcoTheMan.

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