#LoveVegas vol. 3

I’m back with a very special edition of my #LoveVegas playlist. This week I decided to dig into the side of me that loves music festivals and raves by creating an EDM playlists featuring all Las Vegas electronic music producers. Since I started my blog, I’ve posted nothing but Hip-hop and R&B but the truth is that I have a huge soft spot for EDM. In the past three years I’ve attended 8 music festivals and many other local electronic music events. Having gone to so many festivals, I think what makes me go back every time is the people that come together for the love of music. I don’t go for the turn-up or the drugs, just for the music. With that being said, I’d really like to thank the artists I chose for this playlist for being great and doing it for the love of music. They are all extremely talented and most of them are signed to huge labels. I hope you all enjoy this playlist as much as I do! AND now for your listening pleasure…..#LoveVegas featuring: Type3, Hawkboy, Uknew, DIRTY LAZRS, Andrew Stolle, Aztekno, PRIZMACK, FlashGang, WYLDSYDE, Shelco Garcia and Teenwolf, Casey Jones, Lloyd Grand, BANGLA, and SEX CELLS.

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