#LoveVegas vol. 4

I want to start this post by saying thank you to everyone who actively checks my website and promotes it. This #LoveVegas playlist has been a huge success. I never thought it would be a playlist that people really WANT  to be on. Glad you guys are fucking with it. This past week I’ve discovered some amazing talent. I’ve discovered so many artists that I gathered enough  for two playlists but I’m only sharing one with you guys this week. It’s really hard to keep up with all the DM’s and stuff so if you don’t see your name in this one, #LoveVegas vol. 5 is coming real soon! I’m happy to share #LoveVegas vol. 4 featuring: uuB, Hack The Mack, Lee Williams, BraveART, Asaiah Ziv, Chop808, Kevy Los, M O O S E, Norvis Junior, Chuck Brilliant, AK, and Richie Bux. Altogether they have over 167 thousand plays on SoundCloud. ENJOY!

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