#LoveVegas vol. 6

What’s good?! It’s about that time for my #LoveVegas vol. 6 playlist! It’s crazy, I feel like I make a dope playlist and think to myself “This is too good, how is the next one going to top it?” and it always does! This week’s playlist is filled with really talented artists in Las Vegas (nothing new). I noticed there’s a little bit of a different vibe in this one though, some more R&B and even Island influenced music. I’m excited to introduce you guys the newest #LoveVegas  vol. 6 featuring…Fendi$ean, Kalamari Mike, Silent From313, Mari The Kid, Rod Waters, DaDudeBigB, Glock and Slap, Forté, Lowerkey, JTruthPA, Joey Wolfe, Delá Phantom, LE$LAFLAME, Paul Perez, and Teddy Crooklyn. Again, I linked they personal pages to their names, if you like their music then follow them or show them some love! Enjoy!

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