Music Video Appreciation

As I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline the other day, I noticed there are a lot of talented videographers in Las Vegas that are not getting enough appreciation. Most of the great artists in Las Vegas have music videos, so it’s perfect to showcase both artists and videographers in one post. This is not limited to the other great videographers in Vegas, I’m only focusing on music videos today. I’m amazed at the fact that all of these guys are just your normal dudes with an amazing attention to detail and an eye for editing. What I also love about this is that you can see how each video is unique to their directors and how complex some of the ideas are. I’ll be linking their personal websites/twitters so you can get in touch with them (I highly encourage this).


A Good Break

CMDelux Films

Shakyamuni Films


Creating Paradi$e

Jorge Ayala 



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