Overflow 6 Video Recap

What’s up everyone! I’m so excited to tell everyone about my weekend! I went out to the Waterhole this Saturday for Overflow 6! It was one of the dopest events I’ve been to so far. I think what made it so enjoyable was the line-up. Like, seriously, they had some of the hardest emcee’s in Vegas. My favorite performances of the night had to have been G. Reed, LeRoy Chops, Bizzy Boys, Swami Netero and of course ZellyVibes. It was my first time watching any of them perform besides Zelly. They were all full of energy which transpired to everyone in the crowd. G. Reed even brought out T.Rabb, North town, or how the say, “Norf” town legends. Another thing I really enjoyed about this event was that it brought together many different people from different sides of the city. Everyone was respectful and supportive. It was just a really good night. I really want to see more nights like that in Vegas; no drama, just love and support. For those of you that don’t know, I bought a camera so that I can create my own content for my website so I decided to test it out this weekend. It’s not great, I know, but just know I’ll be getting a lot better at it the more I practice. I hope you guys enjoy the little video I put together. Until next time!

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