City Never Sleeps

In today’s saturated hip-hop scene, it’s easy to overlook some amazing work. I think we can all appreciate a well thought out project. I can definitely tell when an artist put time, money, and work into their projects just as easy as I can tell when an artist records their songs on a cheap mic in their room. In Las Vegas there is a mixture of both types of artist, but lately I’ve noticed a lot more well-thought-out projects and it makes me such a proud music enthusiast.

If you follow me on twitter, you know I’ve been pretty active lately. You might have also noticed this tweet…

After listening to MOOSE’s (@MOOSEthecoolest) “City Never Sleeps” EP, I totally ate my words. This project was a perfect example of Vegas’s raw talent. I can really appreciate this project because I can HEAR the quality behind it. The project was released today but we definitely got a glimpse of the album through the single he released about a month ago, titled City Never Sleeps. MOOSE released the single from the EP in the form of a music video which I mentioned in my #TrendingInVegas. Even the rollout was clearly thought out, which from a creative perspective is really appreciated.

Las Vegas is the clear theme throughout the EP and it surely feels very Vegas. Not only does he talk about the “grimey” side of the city that never sleeps, he talks about the fame and flashiness. Thank you for embodying everything that is Las Vegas. In addition to all of that, can we talk about the FEATURES?! Wowwww. He had Trade Voorhees, G. Reed, Blair Norf, J.R. Aquino, Marion Write, Pyramid Ron, and Dj Finyl, all whom which are very well known artists out of 702. My favorite song on the EP has to be “Vegas Is A Mfka” and I wish could give Trade Voorhees a medal for that verse on it. HE RAPPED AN ACROSTIC POEM OF HIS NAME. That dude is soooo cold for that. But anyways, enough about the what I thought about it, take a listen for yourself…. Enjoy “City Never Sleeps”.

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