The ‘Lemonade’ Official Music Video

DemarcoTheMan did it again. He put together one of the best and most inovative visuals I’ve seen thus far. The ‘Lemonade’ music video dropped September 22nd and has over 200 views on YouTube.  The quality of this video is almost unseen at a local level, which proves (once again) DemarcoTheMan deserves so much more recognition than he receives. He’s raised the creativity bar so high, even other artist around Las Vegas are saying this is not just a regular video and we cannot continue to ignore great work such as DemarcoTheMan’s.  The ‘Lemonade’ video breaks down each song lyric which is about a guy trying to conquer the heart of a social media obsessed girl with trust issues due to her past relationships. DemarcoTheMan’s lyrics encapsulate most relationships in 2017.

I just love how effortlessly the images melt into the other and how it is so in-sync with each lyric. The Brooklyn artist, Richard A. Chance, is responsible for the animation and should also get a lot of credit. His style of animation is so crisp which features all of his original drawings. He also animates them himself. He’s influenced by 80’s airbrushed illustrations and artists such as David Jein, Syd Brak and Kanye West. Richard began illustrating people he saw on the train before he attended the NYC College of Technology. He’s currently working on an “online narrative gif comic thing” so make sure to keep up with his work at  His only message is “save your local cat”.

I can’t stop watching this video, I hope you all love it as much as I do. I will continue to update you all on DemarcoTheMan’s newest stuff. Enjoy.

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