Trends to Leave in 2016…


With the end of the year quickly approaching, I felt the need to make a closing statement. As much as I love following trends and being up to date with everything on Twitter and Instagram; there are just a few things we need to leave behind. This was a crazy year in pop culture where many things went viral and trends blew up but we definitely need to come back to reality. The good news is that we get a clean slate once the new year begins.

Here are a few trends we need to leave in 2016…

  1. Rainbow Hair and Rainbow lip colors. Kylie Jenner is going to run out of colors for her LipKits. You guys can stop now.
  2. Hyping up Instagram models. Hey, I’m not knocking their hustles but some of these girls have thousands of followers for posting half-naked pictures and that’s it. LET’S LEAVE THAT IN 2016 and start hyping up girl bosses with clothing brands, dope artwork and cool blogs! (;
  3. _______ Challenges. S/0 to Rae Sremmurd for literally taking over the world with the Mannequin Challenge but after that I heard about the Chuck E. Cheese Challenge and I just about flipped my shit.
  4. Hating J. Cole. I don’t like his music either but y’all gotta stop with the shit talking. I feel like people hate on him just to feel relevant.
  5. DISTRESSED SHIRTS/SWEATERS. Are you guys for real paying $300 for a ripped sweaters with stretched out arms with a Yeezy tag on it?? Can’t relate.
  6.  Flexing on social media. Nobody cares that you’re sipping lean on a Monday night or smoke 1,000 blunts a day. I’m skipping through your snapchat story.
  7. Also being extra sensitive on social media. I don’t really care when people come at me sideways for stating my opinions but some people really go the extra mile.
  8. STOP CLAIMING YOU’RE A “CRAZY” GIRLFRIEND. That psycho chick trend seriously needs to stop. Stop checking his phone and asking for passwords etc… If you don’t trust him, move on boo.
  9. We need to leave the “New vs. Old” school hip-hop/rap debate in 2016. There’s really no argument for opinions, just save your breath.
  10. Stop hating pineapple pizza, it never did anything to you.

Let’s start the year off by being better people. Treat your family well, eat your veggies, and mind your business. Promise it will be a good year. Oh, and don’t forget to WORK HARD for the things you want to achieve. Social media isn’t everything. This is a lesson I’m still learning but it’s definitely a process. Don’t obsess about unrealistic things you see on social media, instead go out and make things happen. You got this. 2017 is the year of the SAVAGES.

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